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Please fill out the form below to contact us.  If you would like to contact a specific employee of Putnam County State Bank, please see the list below:
Loan Department:
Tawnya Fowler, President
Richard D. Clark, CEO        
Rhonda Clark, Loan Officer
Bobby McCully, Loan Officer
Cole Young, Loan Officer  
Kalen Martching, Loan Officer
Cyndy Brummitt                 
Bridget Quint                      
Treyton Riediger                 
Sara McCormack                
Christal Brown                    
Angie Pearson                    
Taren Lewis                         
Liz Steele                              
Leslie McCabe                     
Abby Wagner                       
Joana Herrera                      
Molly Knowles                    
Kim Huston                         
Maggie Snow                      
Shawna Schoonover                  shawna.schoonover@putnamcountystatebank.
Barb Tilden                        
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