Loans & Lines of Credit

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Loan Officers - Unionville

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Kalen Jade Martsching

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Loan Officers - Milan

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Richard Don Clark – NMLS Unique Identifier: 584229

Operating Lines of Credit – A revolving line of credit designed specifically for businesses, ideal for short term working capital needs, seasonal purchases and inventory needs. You can access your line of credit by contacting your loan officer.

Term Loans – When a lump sum is needed for equipment or vehicle financing, business expansion, long term working capital, or to refinance business debts. 

Installment Loans – A wide range of loans can fall into this category from equipment or vehicle purchases to long term working capital. Term notes can be rolled into an installment loan.

Commercial Real Estate – Whether purchasing a commercial building for your business or looking at investing in real property, PCSB can structure financing to your needs. 

Letters of Credit – Occasionally a vendor for your business may require a letter of credit to guarantee payment or create a security deposit for things such as utilities. A letter of credit can be used to conserve cash ordinarily used for security deposits or to facilitate international business transactions. The letter of credit is not actually a loan, and is subject to fee based pricing. If the letter of credit is actually funded, the amount is then payable on demand, or conversion to a term loan may be possible.

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